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Barkwow Dog Hiking Pack

Barkwow Dog Hiking Pack
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Barkwow Dog Hiking Pack
Regular price $26.99 USD
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The Barkwow Dog Hiking Pack is a backpack designed for dogs that allows owners to easily carry items such as treats and water bottles while going on a hike or jog with their pet. It has a large capacity and is worn on the back of the dog. This backpack is perfect for owners who want to bring essentials for their dog during outdoor activities.

It's also a great way for dogs to be more involved in outdoor activities and allows them to carry their own supplies, which can make the experience more enjoyable for both the pet and owner. Additionally, this backpack can help to evenly distribute the weight of the supplies, making it more comfortable for the dog to carry. The Barkwow Dog Hiking Pack is a great option for owners who want to take their dog on long hikes or jogs and want to ensure they have everything they need for their pet.This bag can give your dogs comfortable feelings. It's of high quality and it's adjustable in the neck circumference part. Your dog would love this bag at ourdoor activities!  

Made of high-quality materials, it has high durability and practicality.
It can be used as a dog owner's handbag and a dog's sports bag.
The PVC handle is more comfortable to use.
Comfortable adjustable shoulder straps can realize all-round movement.
The breathable mesh is filled with sponge, which is comfortable and not easy to stick to pet fur.
Reflective tape makes night travel safer.
Large capacity can store more items as needed.
Suitable for dog walking, camping, long walks, backpacking, traveling or daily use.

Neck circumference is adjustable. 
Suitable for Siberian Huskies and such size dogs perfectly for outdoor training. 
The PU mesh in the middle is breathable and cooling, bring your loved dog comfortable feelings. 
The bag inner have sandwich air net, very comfortable. 

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